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substructure present within group O and at the center of the group M pandemic was. The bold lettering corresponds to the subtype designations from the.. 275-82. 68. charleston, M.A. and D.L. Robertson, Preferential host switching by. correlates with disease progression in HIV-1–infected individuals. J. Exp Med .

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The correlation index between the pR and RR was bigger in the TN (0.901 Pearson coefficient, p 0.0001). Conclusion: There is a high correlation between PR and RR in all molecular breast cancer subtypes. HER2+ and TN subtypes have the best rates of RC to NAC in spite of their worse prognosis.

Alternate bridges on I-79 near Charleston had been constructed using either coated or uncoated reinforcing steel between 1974 and 1976. In 2009, all bridges using uncoated bars had been overlaid after only 17 years of use due to observed distress, and none of the bridges using epoxy-coated bars had been repaired.

Trans-Ancestral Studies Fine Map the SLE-Susceptibility Locus TNFSF4.. Hispanic and African-American populations have genomes which reflect recent admixture on ancient substructures. Correlation of rs1234317-T with the presence of anti-Ro autoantibodies in European cases is strengthened.

US4831117A US06/816,141 US81614186A US4831117A US 4831117 A US4831117 A US 4831117A US 81614186 A US81614186 A US 81614186A US 4831117 A US4831117 A US 4831117A Authority US United States Prior art keywords cells b43 pap cell lineage Prior art date 1986-01-03 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

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