Forced Placed Insurance

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PHH Mortgage Corporation Lender Force-Placed insurance settlement. lpi (lender-placed insurance) is placed on a property by a lender when a borrower’s insurance policy lapses or when the borrower does not maintain an acceptable homeowner insurance policy. When PHH Mortgage placed an LPI policy on a property, it paid the premiums to the insurer and then charged the borrower for the premiums.

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During times of financial trouble, you may let your insurance policies lapse – and thus trigger the force-placed insurance. If this occurs, you will then be thrust into an even worse financial situation, since your insurance will suddenly become much more expensive – and could force you into foreclosure .

CPI, also known as force-placed insurance and lender placed insurance, may be classified as single-interest insurance if it protects the interest of the lender, a single party, or as dual-interest insurance coverage if it protects the interest of both the lender and the borrower.

This insurance protects only the lender, not you, but the lender will charge you for the insurance. Force-placed insurance is usually a lot more expensive than what you can obtain by finding an insurance policy yourself. If you have a complaint or a concern about this product, you can also contact your state insurance department or commissioner .

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 · Once a lapse occurs, your lender can purchase a flood policy and bill you for the cost of that policy. This type of policy goes by a number of names, but the most common is force-placed flood insurance. It can also be referred to as lender-placed flood insurance or credit-placed insurance.

Force placed insurance is never a phrase you want to hear. Ease the pressure from your bank or lending institution by getting home insurance today!

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